pre-stretching pallet packing machine

Mechanical protection provides safety for interlocking doors and protective devices infeed and discharge areas. RA machines comply with all European standards and get CE certification. Main features: the most advanced power pre-tension device, user-friendly touch screen, man-machine interface.

In the feed and discharge areas, there are interlocking gates and protective devices for mechanical protection, very suitable for unstable loads, SIEMENS PLC, speed: up to 34 rpm. Choice: high speed mode (luxury speed up to 34 RPM), double car speed (maximum up to 100 plates per hour), the Viking PW framework 2 AC servo motor, can adjust the electronic pre-stretching ratio, mute system (EN 415-6 CE), welding equipment, hot pad, vertical plate film compass system, pantograph electric roof, compact patent cutting, clamping and sealing device, the external program selection, dynamic conveyor, pallet lift, overall cover device (RA), cover (MF / B / MF P).

This product is suitable for pallet packing. The top cover is made of polypropylene plastic film, suitable for the top of the load, combined with the stretched film bag on the tray, the best moisture, and dust protection, and keep the packaging materials clean. The top part is unfolded and cut into size and automatically applied to the top paper distributor. Main features: durable, suitable for the automatic application. Options: UV protection, different colors. Mf- B is a top-level distributor designed to allow polyethylene film to be extended at the top of each load. The winding of the coil is carried out by the mechanical movement of the pneumatic clamp. The load height is detected by the photocell, which makes the machine completely automatic. The coils can be charged on the foot of the machine or on the winding frame. The mf- B is designed to expand the plastic mesh at the top of the load. MMF – P is a bridge type of top chip allocator, which allows the expansion of polyethylene film on top of each load.