Packaging lines can be extended to the entire internal system.

Board and panel packing line

Packaging lines can be extended to the entire internal system. Now, with the development of the economy, the packaging line plays an increasingly important role.

In addition, you can see, now, the system vendor can provide system with a simple hood, the hood is the new development of: the world’s innovation has a great influence, it makes the retail stores and logistics center staff can in the case of not using any cutting tools to take out the film, the process is fast and easy.

Generally speaking, through its pallet packaging systems division, berman group also in the implementation of industry-specific application, at the same time, it also allows clients to packing line extended to the whole internal system. These lines are equipped with standardized parts, we can give you an example, for example, conveyor components or car system, various processing and manipulator solutions, such as robots, buffering and storage module, and the appropriate software. From a source, customers can get a complete internal system that can serve as reliable and competent partners.

“An important part of the original system design is the simple integration of the add-on,” says the logistics systems department head of BEUMER Group, which also makes a series of explanations. “The system will continue to be an important part of the UK mail strategy over the next few years, and this will be well secured.” This is of great practical significance.

In January 2014, we can see, the post office web development director Richard Bonham explanation, if the contract was awarded to situation of original system, “BEUMER Group system is the choices we make, do you know why is this? It provides a package classification system based on the most efficient classifier in the industry, which is why. Flexible handling of all kinds of package sizes in a single system needs to be excluded. The automation system has many functions, on the one hand, it can instantly improve processing power and processing efficiency, on the other hand, it can also guarantee our ability to support future growth.



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