Pallet packaging system is very important.

Pallet packaging system is very important.

From a prefabricated tubular polyethylene film, it can form a bag, and it can also be stuffed into a customer’s product. A special weighing device is fitted to both systems because they need to ensure the correct amount of filler material.

Then, as you can see, the bags are stacked on the tray. For this reason, BEUMER Group provides a BEUMER fpc1 high-capacity tray. The high capacity of tray has been integrated into the packaging production line of high performance, because this kind of tray need to handle sensitive and valuable product, on the other hand, this kind of tray still need processing products, with special flow characteristics in the process, it needs to be in a warm and efficient way. Normally, this pallet can be fitted with a clamping rotating device or a dual-band rotating device, depending on the product requirement. Berman of the robot is also provided by the BEUMER group, this is a joint can save a space robot, the robot has played a very important role, it can be loaded trays, boxes, cans or tray. This fully automatic fpc2 robot also plays an important role in solving complex pallets and palletized problems reliably and efficiently. The complete automatic grasping system is also developed by the berman group, which can be easily exchanged and suitable for each item of packaging.

In the process of transport, they must be placed on a pallet for the palletized product, as these products need to prevent dust, rain or other atmospheric effects. The BEUMER stretching hood system can be used in this area. The result of a complete redesign of its reliable packaging system by in-house experts is the berman group’s stretching hood. This machine is now more advantageous than previous versions, which can provide a higher throughput. At the same time, you can see that in the system, it can also achieve moderate transmission, while the machine also requires a 40 percent reduction in ground space.



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