automatic pvc pipe bundle making and packing machine



Automatic pvc pipe bundling machine and bagging machine-
Please check the quotation attached for the automatic off-line pipe bundle machine.
It is able makes one machine works for different extruders.
The pipes in the collecting rack can be pouring into offline machine.
The offline machine is able lifting one by one and counting for bundling.

Please quote us offline autopacking and strapping for Conduit pipe.

CIF Bangkok including test run and commissioning costs


OD:                                                                 20 mm

Length:                                                          3000 mm

Number of pipe in a bundle:                    10 pcs

Auto strapping

3 bands in a bundle

Use PVC/PP belt to strap bundle

Working process.

Transferring each pipe > Collecting and packing each pipe until 10 pcs > strapping a pipe bundle > move the bundle to