pipe coiler

coiling machine and automatic pipe coiler


Automatic pipe coiler & hose coiling strapping machine.jpg
I got the lay out drawing, I’m not seen drawing showing the centering device and  Conveyor with scales 
We have the idea to add coil loading tiltel as in video
1. Tilter equipment for coil turing
2. Conveyor for moving the coil to wrapping station. 
3. Roller covered with PU
I’m looking for steel pipe wrapping line with the following parameters:
– 3 layer wrapping: antirust base+adhesive glue+PE, total thickness 3-4mm
– diameter of the pipes: 420-1020mm, weight 2-4t, length 6-12m

I prefer the full line, but also can consider extruders + induction frame.
If you have a similar equipment to offer, plz send me the following info:
1. Technical parameters and photos
2. FOB price
3. Production time