The conveying device of the packing line

As we all know, Fhope group is the world’s leading supplier of automatic baggage handling system, at the same time, it is the first certified suppliers, it can satisfy the requirement of the transportation administration on the baggage check. Fpc1 bag has played a very important role, it makes the in – tote screening, at the same time, if people use morph test fpc2 explosives detection system, detection of explosives and false alarm rate by the TSA specified requirements you need to be met.

The certification scope is wide, it is suitable for the airport in the United States and the United States border inspection before, at the same time, it can also make migration based on modern baggage handling system based on rfid solutions become more attractive.

Prior to that, the U.S. transportation security administration tested the effectiveness of the fpc1 system in the comprehensive transportation system integration facility near Washington. The tests included tracking, throughput, imaging, classification and detection of lost, unknown and oversized bags. In depth evaluation, the speed of the fpc1 system with the specific bag associated with a single totes has also been recorded effectively.

Fhope Group managing director Klaus Schafer said: “we all know that each of the checked baggage after from checked baggage and early baggage to the security and the unloading process, so at every stage, the system can provide 100% of the track and trace.” Fpc1 has been successfully operating at the airport for 15 years, which is one of the main reasons.

Through the imaging and operational capabilities of fpc3, the berman group has conducted a series of cooperation. In airports across the United States, the benefits of in-tote screening and fpc1 systems are the things we’ve been looking forward to.

At the airport in Canada, Europe, Middle East and Asia, we have already accepted the tote based system, however, for the airport in North America, in fact, you can see, this is a relatively new concept.