Auto Tube pipe bagging packing machine

Bagging one row at a time bagging machine.

4.1. Tube in-feeding station
The station is including the shifting conveyer and infeeding conveyor which is for ing-feeding the tube form loading position to bagging one by one.
Basic characters:
a)Loading the gathering table one shifting conveyor
b)Automatic tube in feed one by one.
c)Soft contact part to protect the surface of tube

4.2 Tube bagging machine
It is equipment for tube filling in high speed.
Easy operation and handing.

Basic characters:
a)Automatic PLC program control.
b)Automatic bag feeding.
c)The action time in packing is adjustable for difference packing purpose.
d)Program for precise running.
e)Manual and automatic working mode for easy operation.
f)Precise temperature control for sealing.
g)Sensor and mechanical limiting stopper for safety.
h)Motor overcurrent protection.
i)The bagging size could be adjusted for different OD of the tube.
j)Automatic PE bag feeding system.
k)Constant temperature heat sealing and cutting system is suitable for film.
l)Smokeless sealing and packing material residual free.
m)Material change easily.
n)The menu of the control screen is in English.
o)Bagging station 10 pcs.