automatic HDPE piep coiler and strapping machine manufacturer

The video of the automatic HDPE pipe coiling and strapping machine on factory.


It is testing the coiling, coil strapping, coil out feeding…that is online for pipe length counting and cutting.


The funtion of the machine helps to automation the pipe production and storage to reduce the operator.


The strapping tension adjustable


Coiling speed adjustable per extruding speed automatically per program\


Servo system to checking the coiling, coil tension…


  • Technical date:
  • Strap width         10mm
  • Strap thickness         0,6 mm
  • Type of strap           polypropylene
  • Strap quality            Smooth /High quality
  • Type of joint              By friction – vibration
  • Joint location               Height side of coil.
  • Joint efficiency          75-80% of the breaking load of the strap (mentioned quality).


The automatic coiler can be connected with the device for buffering the pipe in coiling step without stop the production.

The storage accumulator is for adjusting pipe storage and feeding to make the pipe properly coiling and good tension.

Technical data:

Pipe diameter Φ20-Φ50mm


Pipe coil ID 320-600mm
Pipe coil OD 650-1100mm
Pipe coil width 150-320mm
Pipe coil weight 8-60kg
Coil feed style mode Autoamtic cutting and holding
Meter counter 20-300meters
Coiling speed Max. 120m/min
Strapping No. 4 -6straps
Strapping speed 14-19sec/strap
Strapping material PP strap Width:10mm  Thickness:0.8mm
Power voltage AC 380V, 50HZ, 3 phase 5 wires
Air Supply 4-6bar


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