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Hose coil packaging machine
Hose packaging machine
This is a collection list of the hose coil packing solution.
There are maindly includes vertical coil wrapping solution and horizontal wrapping solution. For automatic hose packing, it needs the horizontal wrapping version. The machine can be on-line connecting with automatic coiler for coil eye through wrapping.
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Steel coil wrapping machine

One of the key points for the steel coil packaging solution is finding the machine according to the handling method at the factory. Normally, there are three methods: crane, forklift, and conveyor.

Therefore, it is necessary to find the proper version of the machine that matches the operation. The steel coil packaging machine has to be durable enough for heavy loading. A coil falling down and compacting with the machine is absolutely not allowed. Therefore, the machine has to be designed with safety as the top priority. 100% right.

Steel wire ring wrapper
Wire coil wrapping machine

Most of the steel wire will be wound into coils for easy handling and storage. Some of the smaller wire coils are bagged and boxed after rewinding. However, almost all wire is wound into a coil shape. Therefore, one of the most popular packaging methods around the world for good protection is eye-through wrapping.

With eye-through wrapping, the wire coil is sealed with film on the inside layer and protected on the outside by a knitted belt, paper, or other materials. This packaging is suitable for both rainy and dry seasons.

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The Coil packing machine is a ring type stretch wrapper special designed for eye through film wrapping which is an efficient equipments for coils packaging. There are different vertion coil stretch wrapper per diferent coil size, handling way, packing material and handling requirement.

At Fhope different types coil packaging solution is avialable for a nice and uniform packaging for many products in coil side, such as hose coil, pipe coil, wire coil, bearing, cable… Find more applicatoin.

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