Copper coil wrapping machine

wire coil packing machine with wrapping station movement


The best horizontal packaging solution, simple operation, product protection, moisture-proof, with efficient and beautiful packaging, saving labor and material costs

The copper coil winding and packaging machine is mainly used for wrapping copper coil, and the coil width range is 20 MM-200 mm.

There are also other names for machines of the same type.

Such as: copper wire coil wrapping machine;

Copper coil packing machine;

Cable drum packing machine;

Horizontal steel coil packaging machine, etc.

High efficiency, good packaging and cost saving have always been our task.

The introduction of intermittence weighing of winding packaging machine

According to the movement of materials in the weighing device, the winding and coil packaging machine can be divided into two types: continuous weighing and intermittent weighing. The following mainly introduces intermittent load-bearing. The principle of the intermittent weighing device is to put the materials on the scale, weigh them statically and output them after weighing. The advantage is that the static weighing avoids the impact, vibration and other factors. The weighing range is 100-1000g, and the accuracy can reach 0.5g, which is very accurate. The disadvantages are also obvious. The production efficiency is low, most of which is not more than 60pcs / min. some materials with small bottom area and high center of gravity and poor stability cannot be weighed.

The commonly used intermittent weighing methods include material re selection, applicable material re selection and applicable material re selection. Here are a few ways to do this:

Mode principle applicable type

Belt feeding conveyor belt is composed of several belts or ropes which are separated by a certain distance. There are several corresponding grooves on the scale plate under it. When the materials are moved to the top of the scale platform, the whole scale body is raised and positioned by means of the air cylinder, so that the materials are separated from the conveyor belt for weighing. After weighing, the scale body is lowered, and the materials are moved out of bags, boxes and other products by the conveyor belt

The chain belt feed type drives the evenly distributed push heads 1 and 2 on the chain respectively by the front and rear two pairs of sprockets. First, the material is sent to the pan by the pusher 1. When the material is separated from the tested material, the pusher 2 has not yet contacted the material. At this time, let the material stay on the pan 3 for weighing, and then push the head 2 to push the material away from the pan. Products in boxes, cans, trays, etc

Screw feeding screw is composed of two winding lines with a boundary, and the back section is used for separate feeding to deliver materials to the pan. Half of the spiral angle at a is zero, so that the material can be suspended for weighing, and then the bottle, tank and other products can be sent out by the front screw