Fhope Pallet wrapping machine


B100型 全自动托盘包装机

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The automatic pallet wrapping machine has the following basic functions on packaging, which is helpful for one person to pack and load goods online. Fixture: automatic pallet stretch packaging clamping device to maintain the stretch film at the leading edge (tail) to allow the stretch packaging process to start without the need for the operator to attach the stretch film fitting load. Packaging: for pallet packaging, the product load must be packed according to the pallet packaging parameters, which is set by the operator on the stretch packaging control panel. Cutting: after the stretch packaging cycle, the stretch film must be cut from the pallet load and held by the fixture. In this way, the stretch film is properly clamped to allow the next pallet to be packed without manual work. Paste: the back edge of the stretched film must be automatically adhered to the load with wrapping paper to avoid film hanging. In this way, the tray does not sag and the film TiAl is hoisted and transported.

On the development of China’s packaging machinery industry

The categories of packaging machinery design mainly include: mapping imitation, development design, improvement design and series design. For example, the production capacity of beer filling production line is 16000-60000 bottles per hour, and the number of filling valve workers of filling machine increases from 48, 60 and 90 to 120, which belongs to the series design.

Improvement and development design: design from general beer filling production line to pure draft beer filling production line. We can basically design our own packaging machine with medium and low speed. And some advanced models, such as high-speed packaging machine, are basically imitating the same type of foreign models, through localization and series design.

There are three reasons:

(1) For the dynamic design theory and methods of high-speed packaging machinery, many designers do not really master the advanced design methods, and can not simulate and solve the dynamic accuracy analysis of the mechanism under high-speed working conditions;

(2) The combination of production, study and research is not close enough, designers lack of timely technical training and theoretical research results can not be used in the actual design in time;

(3) The industry as a whole lacks macro-control efforts, and resources cannot be reasonably allocated.

Design methods before packaging machinery design: first, look for the same type of machine as a prototype; second, develop various technical performance indicators and scope of use; third, design working principle diagram and transmission system diagram; fourth, design key parts; fifth, design general assembly plan and action cycle diagram; sixth, design component diagram, general assembly plan and part diagram; seventh, right Check the strength and rigidity of key parts; Eighth, design control schematic diagram and construction drawing. As we all know, the new packaging machinery is the equipment of the integration of machinery, electricity and gas. In order to shorten the transmission chain, simplify the structure, improve the working accuracy and speed. It is necessary to make full use of the latest achievements of information products and adopt the technology of separating transmission, such as servo motor drive, pneumatic actuator, etc., and the key technology is the synchronous control technology of multi motor drive. This kind of technology is not difficult to master, just because designers do not understand the development trend of packaging machinery. China’s packaging machinery design is developing from imitation to innovation.